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tv   News  ABC  April 28, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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. do you ever remember senators saying the s word 37 times? going to find hash browns at the bottom of the bag, but no more toys. here's meteorologist justin burk with your weather. the latest snowfall in baltimore watts on this date in 1898. it could happen. it could have been us. this morning, we have our own
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little problems with a frost advisory, that's going to go to summer type heat this weekend as we jump into the mid-80s. 35 in baltimore, we are colder than york pennsylvania. that doesn't happen, we have the frost advisory, it doesn't take temperatures at freezing just in the 30s. producing frost and tender vegetation. it should be erased away in the neck couple of hours. we start to warm up the thermometer, getting up to 63, at 5:31, let's get the check on traffic with kim. thanks, justin. after you get the car warmed up this morning, you will find no problems on the major roadways, heading down to d kaczynski, you have no problems between the beltways, capital beltway looking good. no problems on the become w as well. traffic looking good as you make your way on the outer loop
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are heading towards 83 and looking here on the west side, volume a little moderate at you head down towards the 95 area, but still really no problems, traffic is moving a the a really good pace. megan and jaime, back to you. >> senators dropped the s bomb, quoting e-mails, describing wall street dealings and in the end. those with goldman sachs didn't like the treatment at all. senators saying too bad. here's tj when nick. >> after nine and a half hours into the senate hearing. fc kaczynski charges that goldman defrauded clients by selling them mortgages secretly designed to fail many.
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>> senator, i think people -- >> their behavior was unethical many. >> reporter: goldman sunshine achs exexs who testified refused to apologize. >> regret to me is apologizing for something you feel you did wrong. i do not have that. we made mistakes. >> i do not think we did anything wrong. >> i believe my conduck was proper. >> reporter: in an incompetent view to air on good morning, he refused to say goldman is being singled out. >> we surely aren't the only financial firm and, are i think, in most of these markets we were not the largest or even the large participant, compared to others. i wish this was not on us are, but i'm not making any claims. >> with no republican support,
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the gop blocked the vote in the senate for the second straight day. abc news, washington. >> 5:34, right now, baltimore county wants to make it safer for cyclists, as well as pedestrians to get around. county officials is asked for your suggestions. people voiced their concerns at the library. >> unfortunately, we had some tragic estimates in the county and that's really on the top of people's minds and they would like to see improvements to reduce the likelihood of that happening. recommendations are expected to be discussed. katherine bicycle hold said her american puppy is back home. she bought the dog from an
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american breeder in wisconsin for $4,000. the dog arrived and last week, somebody broke in her home and stole it. >> community college going to offer a psychologist class from midnight until 3:00 am. it's all in an effort to handle increased student population. this was an opportunity, unique, a novelty and a reality and looking to be able to take a class. might not be able to take a class when they necessarily could. >> community college in four other states have also started offering late night classes. really, their early morning classes. an alligator makes a house call. >> find out what happened when this huge reptile showed up on
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someone's door step. >> here's justin with your weather. >> 5:35, 35 degrees here in baltimore. clear sky, frost advisory, west wind out of the -- eight miles per hour and we have ourselves a big warmup on the way by the weekend. you get still video and record low, all coming up, next. >> >> good morning, for your commute start, light rail and metro subway operating on time. no delays or problem. good -- if your ride is on the buses, look for the number 3 express and 120 commuter bus express diverting southbound to saint paul. for the mta transit, i'm mark jones.
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it's almost may. folks up here in vermont tasting the snow again. roads slippery, people had to pull out their heavy coats, again in the green mountains, accumulations could reach a foot. >> hard to believe in late april, but i guess it's a
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reality there. >> here's justin burk with our weather, good morning. we have a frost advisory. it includes baltimore, carol howard, frederick, even southern pennsylvania, york, and adams county. a frost advisory, guaranteed frost, it means some of the spots there may be some tender vegetation would be in jeopardy. overall, a clear sky this morning many officially 35 in baltimore and we jump ourselves into the mid-to upper 50s by lunchtime. it's going to appear to be a cool day at least by late april standards. 63, turning partly cloudy in the breeze. arming out of the 15-20-miles per hour. we'll settle things down and warm things up by the end of the week and into the weekend. traffic not heating up so far. still very few problems on the
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roadways, northbound 95. up towards baltimore city at 395. that is a nine minute trip. 29 southbound looking pretty good. sick minute ride on the outer loop between i-70 and i-95. to only working one accident in forest hill, rock spring road at osborne parkway. down the street from forest lake elementary. police are on the scene. arizona's controversial immigration law making its way to maryland. the efforts underway to pass the same kind of law right here in our own backyard. >> there is a plan to redesign mt. carmel road, i'll have reaction from the state highway administration. promise me low prices.
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discover malibu for yourself and see why over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. during the spring event, qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this new malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at chevy dealer dot com. >> 5:44 right now. it started out at a huge news story in arizona, now, it's a big deal here in maryland, too. one state lawmakers wants to crack down. critics are boycotting the arizona you la, but here in maryland, it's getting support from one state delegate who says the same came of law is
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needed here many he plans to send a survey -- mcdonough says he will introduce a bill that mirrors arizona's immigration law. the republican from baltimore county thinks police here in maryland should be allowed to check documents as they reasonably suspect someone to be illegal. maryland is against the idea saying it criminallallizes immigrants and leads to racial profiling. >> we need to look at the entire immigration system in a comprehensive way. >> when people come across that border. they are not going to arizona any more. they are coming hearing many. >> the u.s. justice department is currently reviewing arizona's law to determine whether it violating the constitution. it's a quarter to 6:00 in the morning, we have a traffic alert for you.
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s. north baltimore county, exit 27, here sheree "map quest" johnson, to map it all out for us. >> reporter: that's right, basically, what is happening, a lot of drivers are coming to exit 27 mt. carmel road off interstate 83 and it seems to be causing a few safety problems. basically, there is a sign that tells them to go off the incompetent section and make a right. but some people are doing other things. many tend to merge right and quickly get over a few lanes and merge to the center. moving the intersection 37 feet to the east and get rid of the right merge lane. this project is exif exed to cost more than a half million dollar. >> it is becoming an issue, people coming off the ramp it's becoming a safety issue where you have these conflicks. >> reporter: construction is
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scheduled to begin after the 4th of july weekend and it should be completed by the fall. meantime, drivers will be able to use the mt. carmel ramp. >> there is a warning from the baltimore city health department. high amounts of lead were found in two different jewelry products. access levels of lead can create health and developpal problems in children. if you want for information, head to our website. >> we have a toy drum being recalled. imported out of twinsburg, ohio and it's sold at "toys r us" and burlington coat factory. it can create a choking hazard. >> santa clara county supervisors have passed a
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measure which stops fast food restaurants from giving away toys and other freebies. some critics say it entices children to eat high calorie foods. there is opposition to this plan. >> you should be ashamed of yourself from trying to deprive little children of a toy. i. >> i don't believe the county should be substituting its judgment for the judgment of the parents in making this decision. >> supervisors will conduct a final vote may 11th, if it passes, then it would take effect in 90 days. >> parts of idaho got slammed by severe weather. storm clouds, packing winds of 35-miles an hour. the system dumped a lot of rain in um is areas and hail in others. there are reports of minor damage. that's boise.
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this is baltimore, the anniversary of the la platea tornado. april 2th. strongest storm to hit maryland. >> we are looking at a very quiet start. cold air infiltrating the mid- atlantic and northeast. we talked about snow hitting vermont yesterday and today. 35 a little frosty, especially when you head outside of the beltway north and west. sun glare will be the issue. a lot of travelers, a lot of sun to be found. we will have a northwestly flow and that will provide us with another chance of building up mid-day and afternoon clouds like yesterday. southwesterly flow, heading our way as we stroll on in towards the end of the week and "wb." forecast model indicating there will be some clouds once again redeveloping this afternoon. so, plan for sun turning partly cloudy, maybe even appearing
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over cast at times, with the breeze out of the northwest, it may feel chilly, we are warming things up as we head toward the end of the week. today, 63, turning partly cloudy, a breeze at 15-25-miles per hour. tonight, 39, not as chilly, but still definitely cool. look at the balance tomorrow. normal high temperatures in the upper 60s. we'll get to about 70 with sunshine and then we should jump to 81 on friday. once we get the winds to shift, the sun does its thing and it will really do it's thing, mid- to upper 0s possible this weekend. 85 saturday, sunday at 87 with afternoon thunderstorms and a better chance of storms will actually move into the picture early next week. >> now, for a check on the traffic, here's kim. >> commuters trying to get an early start. if you are headed onetime soon, you will probably get to your destination quickly. no problems around the major roadways. as we check our drive time
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maps, 3 southbound. jfx, no problem from the beltway to the parkway, only four minutes. checking our cameras, very light volume, traffic nil here. 83 north of the beltway moving investigate fine, very, very light volume. we'll get a check on the crash in forest hills plus your morning news and weather when good morning maryland returns, after this.
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nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. we are back. 60s minutes away from 6:00 and the president will deliver the eulogy at the funeral for dr. dorothy heights. held tomorrow he washington national cathedral. the civil rights pioneer died last week after a long illness. she was 98 years old. dr. height was the long time head of the national council on negro women. two services will be held, today, one at howard university, the other at shy low baptist church in dc.
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take a look at this unwelcome visitor. an alligator. a neighbor spotted the large alligator in a garden outside of a florida home. after spending a few minutes outside of the front door, the alligator moved and slipped into the pond before authorities could capture it. >> he was just doing his job when things got out of hand. >> the waiter who found himself in a america eric kirschner ler e with some -- melee with some irate customers. >> a plane that frederick maryland and crashed in kept kent. how many people are believed to have been killedden. getting a job isn't easy. we are going to show you new
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resumes of people looking for work and how you can get your name out there. 5:55. we take a look outside. temperatures in the mid-30s. jumping to 70 tomorrow, jumping to 81 on friday. mid-to upper 80s this weekend with lows in the 60s. summer around the corner, but this morning, we have the frost advisory under a clear sky. if it's not the frost, it could be the sun glare that will get you. >> the early part of your wednesday morning commute also a fantastic start, traffic moving at speed here on the beltway. looking good at 695en taking a peek at the map many the one crash we had at forest hills is in the final stains of being cleared. that should be gone momentarily. we will have drive times around the area when good morning maryland returns.
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good morning, maryland. i'm jaime. and i'm megan. you may feel some frost this morning. definitely a chill in the air. how about a jump from a taste of winter to a taste of summer in a matter of day. a frost advisory across the northern counties of maryland and west of baltimore through pennsylvania. this afternoon, we turn from sunny to partly cloudy and it stays cool, but by this weekend, we will climb into the 80s with plenty of sunshine. this morning, here we go, 38